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Our role


At Latimpacto, we believe that investing for impact can be an effective bridge that brings together philanthropy and investments committed to generating impact. By taking on more significant risks, it enables potential high impact solutions.

Latimpacto trusts this report will contribute to promoting the exchange of knowledge about some of the most innovative and efficient models of investing for impact in our region. It will inspire new connections, ideas, collaborations, and initiatives that will help overcome the pressing challenges of Latin America.

For this reason, Latimpacto will continue to facilitate knowledge transfer, provide training, and will keep on co-creating reports that seek to close knowledge gaps related to the key aspects that underpin investing for impact, namely tailored finance, non-financial support, and impact measurement and management.

Latimpacto will also keep on disseminating experience and practical guides from our sister networks in Europe –EVPA– and Asia –AVPN– to leverage 17 years of know-how. The goal is to offer tools to advance the practice of investing for practice approaches in Latin America through capacity-building, communities of practice, webinars, inspirational talks, and other types of events that have already started to be implemented.

Latimpacto is convinced that these activities cannot include only technical content. It is necessary to inspire new actors and promote synergies throughout the continuum of capital.

For this reason, Latimpacto will look for ways for impact capital to be deployed more strategically, facilitating new connections for greater collaboration and co-investment in Latin America. A first action is developing the Porimpacto platform, which will present the best opportunities to catalyze more social and environmental investments.

Latimpacto has already started its journey as a community that has a significant role in strengthening the investing for impact ecosystem. To do so, Latin America also needs a regulatory environment that incentivizes investing for impact, the experimentation of new social investment models that promotes more patient capital. For this reason, another of Latimpacto’s areas of focus will be advocacy for a more conducive enabling environment for social investments.

Finally, Latimpacto cannot achieve this goal by itself. For this reason, it was conceived from the start as a broad community of actors who participate across the entire continuum of capital - from traditional philanthropy to impact investors that seek financial returns. Success will therefore depend on the support and collaboration of each of its members. Only through increased collaboration to support solutions that enable systemic change will the Sustainable Development Goals be achieved.
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